A little history....

12.05.2008: The Paper Chase, 14th May

Hello friends, 

This Wednesday we will be providing main support to the Paper Chase on their warm up show prior to ATP.
It's at the Metro on Oxford Street W1 and is £7 Adv / £8 on the door. Doors are 7.30-10.30 and as a rule there's a club afterwards.
Full address and line up details are on the shows page. We also have another Kingston show later this month, details of which will be posted in a week or so.
Stay well all & hopefully see you soon!

13.03.2008: Brighton gig tomorrow (14th)

This Friday (14th March) we return to Brighton after what seems like ages. Always a good gig down there and a this one is FREE entry! A free friday night gig down by the sea!
We'll be providing main support for this one, with 'Everyone to the Anderson' topping the bill. Also playing on the night will be MC Fashion and DJs Meatbreak & Fokka Wolfe. The running time is 8pm till 2am and the night is presented by the superb Not For Resale.
This will also be the launch night for the hard copies of our new EP, lovingly put together by us in hand made yellow sleeves with white stamped discs.
As always, it would be great to see you there!

Greenhouse Effect
63 Church Rd
Hove / Brighton
East Sussex. BN3 2BD
Tel / 01273 204 783
Doors: 8pm, Cost: FREE

See you all soon!

26.02.2008: EP download now working

Hello once again Yep, all sorted! We have uploaded the EP as a RAR file this time and it's all tested and working. Apologies for that particular mare, but all being well you can now pick up a copy without any further problems See you all soon

26.02.2008: * Problem with the EP download*

Hello again, 

Just to let you know that despite the huge mailout yesterday telling everyone about the EP download, there appears to be a problem. It should be easily fixed and as soon as it is we'll let you know. 
Apologies for the delay. Anyone who's followed our recent history understands that we're good at making people wait!!!
Thanks for you patience.

25.02.2008: New EP on the music page

Hello all!
We have now posted the new EP up on the music page of the site where you can download it as a ZIP file for FREE!!! We are more than happy for this to be passed around so feel free to spread the word. 
We will be putting a CD version together ourselves with hand made sleeves for those who prefer it and these can be obtained either by mailing us or at gigs. There will be a launch night as such on Friday March 14th at the Greenhouse Effect in Hove/Brighton. This night is put together by Not for Resale, is open until 2am and is FREE entry! 
We will post more details on this show closer the time. Until then, we hope you enjoy the single and please feel free to let us know your thoughts. 

08.02.2008: New EP

Hello friends!

We will be posting a more thorough update in a short while but we just wanted to let you know that the 3 tracks we recorded recently have been added to our My Space page. Once we have figured out the plan of action regarding making it generally available we'll let you know but for the time being they can be heard here...

Finally a huge thank you to those of you who turned out at the show on the 26th! It was a really well attended night and a great baptism of fire for Steve!

Anyway, we hope you like what you hear and please feel free to drop us a comment!

Take care everyone and see you all soon!

21.12.2007: End of year + first show of 2008

05.10.2007: ***Tonight Show Cancelled***

Hello Friends, 
Utter nonsence has befallen us today by way of the venue double booking for the evening! Normally, especially considering the amount of effort we have put into this show, we would fight our corner with a bit more gusto, however, on this occasion they have double booked us with an annual event arranged by Amnesty International. It would have meant letting down 8 bands instead of 3, so through gritted teeth we have all had to retreat to our sofas for an evening in front of Eastenders instead! The funny thing is that the venue is plastered with flyers advertising OUR show not the Amnesty one!?!?! One job to do and all that!
Anyway, we can only offer our sincerest apologies for mucking up anyones evening and rest assured we will be re arranging the night. If this has caused any of you any major grief, then be sure to drop us a mail and we'll see if we can make it up to you.

Stay well people and sorry once again!

03.10.2007: Gig this Friday...

Hello freinds!
This coming Friday (5th oct) we will once again be doing a headline show at Kingston's Grey Horse.
This time out we will be playing alongside the Jesus Knives & the Siegfried Sassoon. The Jesus Knives are the new(ish) band of Nick from Wino. Where as Wino had a more laid back songy vibe going on, Jesus Knives are far more hard hitting, bringing to mind a Fugazi/Shellac sort of fusion thang! They have pulled in some very good reviews in their short lifespan and are well worth checking out.
We have to hold our hands up and say that despite hearing the name plenty, we know very little about the Siegfried Sassoon.
In a previous incarnation they were known as Misterhall and after playing a show with them way way back we were impressed enough to link to them from here.
Anyway, both these bands can be found on MySpace and are within our friends pages, so head over there and check them out.
As for us, we plan to include at least two new tracks in our set. Since becoming a five piece we have been busy evolving the sound into the more drone heavy ideal we have always aimed for. Anyone who has seen us in the past few months will have heard 'Bishops' which offers a slight insight into the general direction we are heading.
The new stuff has been a while coming we know, but finally we are making up some ground. The aim is to have 4 new songs recorded by the end of the year although as some of you will know, us and recording = NOT QUICK!!!
Anyway, those we play on Friday may well form part of those recordings.
Right, the gig is 4 quid and the doors are at 20.00. We really hope you can make it down!

Thanks for your ongoing support!
As usual, more when there's more.

22.08.2007: Line up change

Hello all,
Just to let you know that Distant Cousins have had to pull out of tomorrows show at the Grey Horse and so They Died Too Young will now complete the line up.
This show promises to be very loud! 
Hope to see some of you there!

11.08.2007: Update

Hello Friends,
We have booked up to do another Riot Club night, this time at Kingstons Grey Horse. Once again we will be joined by our chums Caretaker with Distant Cousins completing the nights line up. Doors are 8pm, we're on about 10ish and its 4 quid. Caretaker alone are worth 200!
In between moving home, Byron has been busy putting together some T-shirts. Each one is unique in design and he's pretty sure he's covered all sizes and colours. There's even a few baby t's for that figure hugging look...JAMSIE!!! Anyway, they will be available initially at all shows we play and soon (once we've got our heads around the setting up), on My Space.
There have been some good reviews of the Album recently with the McDonalds & a Gun Fanzine being particularly kind. Check it out here...

Think that's all for now except to say thank you to both Paul & Claire at A Badge of Friendship for all their hard work in putting together a superb day of music at their recent festival! If you haven't already been to a show put together by these two then make some time.

Thanks for dropping by & hope to see you all soon!

02.06.2007: Tickets

Hi All, 
Just a quickie to let you know that tickets for the show on the 21st with the very excellent Caretaker can now be purchaced from both TICKETWEB & SEE TICKETS or by calling 08700 600 100
Don't forget also that the ABOF all Dayer on July 28th is advance ticket ONLY. Follow this for those..

Hope all is well with everyone and we hope to see you at gig soon!

25.05.2007: Album now available

The CD copies of Tribe Castle & Nation are now available to order from the Genepool Records site! We will also be selling copies at each show we play over the summer and will soon sort out a way for them to be ordered from both here and the My Space page. We will also keep you updated on any shops that take stock of them over the next month or so.
Here is a link to the Genepool shop if you want one now. http://www.genepoolrecords.com/shop.html
We would like to thank those of you who have remained interested after what seems like forever. Your support means a great deal to us and we can only apologise for such shameless disorganisation!
See you soon!

18.05.2007: ABOF All Dayer

Hi all, 
We should have a few gigs to tell you about in the next month or so including a few with our good friends Caretaker. In the meantime however, we have just received the details for the July 28th gig we are doing as part of the 'A Badge of Friendship DIY All Dayer'. Tickets will be a tenner and can ONLY be bought in advance. The link you need in order to purchase them will appear at the end of this or you can get there via the A Badge of Friendship website in our Links section. There are 10 bands on the bill (a quid each!) and the doors open at 12.00pm lunchtime. As for the billing, we are third from the top going on stage at 8.00pm sharp and you can also catch the Furious Sleep at 4.00pm. This will be a superb event and a great way to spend a summer Saturday afternoon, so follow the link and we look forward to seeing you there. 
More when there's more...

15.04.2007: A whole lotta news

Hello! Anyone who has been kind enough to stop by here anytime in the last six months or so could be forgiven for thinking that we had shut up shop and moved on. The truth is we have been going through a number of changes. Unwillingness on our part to at first accept them coupled with the ease at which inactivity and procrastination can take hold has led to this period of feet up!
We won’t clog up the pages of this website with detailed descriptions of what has been going on. It will be better to offer a summary of that and speak a little of what were doing now and what we have lined up.

Right then, the big news first. Lee has decided he can no longer be a part of OUS. He recently moved back out to the West Country having had enough ofLondon life and whilst the initial intention was to carry on ‘long distance’, it was proving to be a logistical nightmare before we had even attempted a rehearsal. Lee obviously played a massive part in shaping the OUS sound and worked his nuts off to get us gigs and put our name out there. His contribution cannot be over emphasized and we all wish him the best for the future. No doubt he will be out playing again soon a little closer to home, and whoever gets him/works with him will have landed on their feet. Anyway, best of luck Babs and thanks for your work!
And so to where we are now... Just prior to Lee’s departure we toyed with the idea of bringing in a third Guitarist to add to our options. It worked out very well and so we now welcome 
James Messenger into the fold. He brings with him a rather saucy beat up Fender Jaguar and enough effects to make Kevin Shields feel a bit faint! Previously James has played Bass in Furr with Angie from Rohame and Louise from the now defunct Mifune. He is also part of Jim’s side project ‘Manana Manana’. That side project also includes Dan Daeven on Drums. With Lee’s departure Dan has now taken over the Drum stool for OUS. I don’t know enough about Drums to big up his kit but the bloke can play alright and with him now in the band we have a new 5 piece OUS.
As it stands, we are going through a period of intense rehearsals to bring the new boys up to speed. We have our first show with the new line up on 17th May at the Gray Horse in Kingston, a nice low key affair to settle us all back into playing again. For after this, we are currently booking as many gigs as we can, including a show with Pink Noise from 
Brooklyn as part of their European tour towards the end of June. If anyone has any gigs they would like us to get involved with please get in touch.
As for the album, we have agreed with Genepool to hold off the ‘hard copy’ release until early/mid summer. This will coincide with the lion share of our gigs and seems to be a bit more sensible. Don’t forget it can still be downloaded at most major sites though. If you get one, leave us a nice review…pretty please!

Right, that only leaves us to say that the ever dependable Byron will be taking over Vocal duties. Trust us, he does a blinding job with the current set and as those songs bleed into the new material we are writing it is giving our sound a whole new dynamic.
Thanks for your patience and ongoing support. Hopefully in 2007 OUS can be a fully functioning band again!  More when there’s more.

01.09.2006: Tribe, Castle and Nation Review..

Hello friends,
Just to say that Robots + Electronic Brains Fanzine has just run a review of the album.
Rather than post it up here it's probably more polite for anyone interested to pay them a visit.
Here's the link:
It can be found in the reviews/Archive section.

Should have some news on a street date for the album & some gigs news in the not too distant.

Stay well people!

15.07.2006: Download Links

We have been starting to get some positive reviews of the album which is always a good thing. If you're into doing the Download thang, then here are the sites that currently carry us...
When the others get in on the act we'll post them up here.


11.07.2006: Album Digital Release

The album has finally arrived on the Digital download sites. We haven't had a chance to check all of them yet but so far iTunes have it along with Napster Woolworths & even Tesco!
It's under a tenner so if you have the cash to spare then please don't let us stop you!
It's been a long time coming and we have talked it up a lot, but hopefully you won't be disappointed with the end result.
News on the 'hard copies' when we get it.
Thanks for your patience and ongoing support. See you all soon in gig land.

16.06.2006: Album on Genepool site...

Now this really is getting crazy! Two updates in two days?!?!?!?
Anyway, just to let you know that you can now hear the tracks from Tribe, Castle and Nation on the Genepool Records website. Here's the link

15.06.2006: Album News

Sit down for this one!
We have a provisional street date of September 4th for Tribe, Castle and Nation with the download version hopefully available approx 4 weeks earlier. 
Once again it will be through our friends at Genepool Records and we will be looking to keep the price down low. Looking at the problems we have had just getting to this stage it's quite likely that date will  change but we'll keep you posted. 
News on the gigs front in the not too distant.

Stay well people. 

26.05.2006: Thanks

Thanks to all of you for your support last night in Camden. We definitely have a core group of people who are becoming everpresents and it doesn't go unnoticed! You can take a well earned rest now though while we book up some more shows for the summer proper. We should have news of these over the coming weeks along with news on the album release. 
Once again, thanks for your ongoing support!  

22.05.2006: Camden Colour Bar

Hello again! We have been rather slack of late with  updating the site. In truth we have been busy writing new stuff and working out the final album art. All pretty boring and not much worthy of an update.
Anyway, this Thursday sees us out and about again supporting Stasi @ the Colour Bar Camden.  It's a fiver on the door or four quid with a flier which can be ripped from our MySpace page or if you would like us to email you a flier then just ask.

Hopefully see some of you there

16.04.2006: Hello Again!

Sorry about that! We're a bit DIY in our approach to most things band related & our website is no exception. We share our website host with a good number of other local bands & labels and once the renewal fee came up it was a case of getting everyone to cough up at the same time. Bit of a nightmare to say the least. Still, we're back now and we hope you can forgive us.
Right then, a long overdue update. Album - recorded, mixed & mastered. Album Art - All done and ready to hand over along with said album. Once we have met with our friends @ Genepool we'll  have a better idea of timescales etc. Gigs - We are opening up an evening at the Peel in Kingston this coming Wednesday with 'Stasi' & 'Blank Kanvas' completing procedings. It's been ages since we last played there so we're quite looking forward to it. Over 18s only unfortunatley, but if you can make it we would love to see you.  We also have a show in Camden on 25th of May, details of which we'll put up in the next week or so.
Think that's most of it for now. Thanks for your patience with the website & hopefully see some of you on Wednesday.
If you haven't already, get over to MySpace and join our friends list.

24.02.2006: Update

Well that went well! A good old dirty East End venue with some good old dirty music. Byron took up his role like he'd always been there and all the bands went down a treat. A fine turn out as well it must be said and as always, a big thank you to those who took the time to express to us how much they enjoyed it. Now Byron has settled himself into the set we are looking to start writing new stuff. It's long overdue and all being well we should have some
brand spanking ditties to try out on your ears within the next few shows.
By the way, we've added a couple of shots from the gig to the photos page both here and on MySpace should you wish to have a look. Thanks to both Anj & Lou for for capturing us poncing about up there!
Till next time people.

17.02.2006: Shoreditch + New addition

Apologies for the severe lack of updates. We have been busy bringing our new boy up to speed. It was difficult to know when to announce him as the new guitarist. We could have done so after a week only for him to start weeing in the rehearsal room bin every time we spoke the word 'Daddy' or something! Anyway, after 4 weeks of rehearsal we have seen and heard enough to confidently introduce you all to Byron. He will be up there with us for tomorrow nights show in Shoreditch. His tastes lay firmly in the drone rock and shoegaze quarter and will add a great deal to our sound as we begin writing new material. It would be great to see you all turn out in force for this show as it will be a special night and the start of a new era for the band. In addition to this, we play alongside labelmates the Fades and favourites of ours, Furious Sleep. We have also been told that admission will now be FREE. Saturday night, new boy debut, 3 great bands, FREE!
Hopefully see you there.

05.01.2006: Update

Merry New Year!!! We trust you all had a good one.
Just a quick update. The Fades will be joining us & the Furious Sleep in completing the line up for the Shoreditch show in February. It will be our first show in what seems like ages alongside the Fades and will bring together some old faces.
No news as of yet on the missing guitarist, although now Xmas is out of the way things should move a bit quicker.
Stay well one & all!

19.12.2005: Latest

Thanks to those West Country folk who made sure they voiced their appreciation after our show in Bristol! It's a great feeling when people who are hearing the songs for the first time are compelled to come and let us know how much they enjoyed the set. There should be another show out that way sometime next year.
The Bristol gig was our last for 2005, with the next confirmed show on Sat 18th Feb @ the Spread Eagle Shoreditch with those crazy Furious Sleep boys.
No news as of yet on our missing 25%. We are using the current down time to search someone out and hopefully they will be in place in time for Shoreditch. 
Have a good Christmas one & all and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

07.12.2005: Album Update

Sit down people!
We are currently working through a number of mastered versions of the album to decide which we are most happy with. As it stands we will be handing the finished copy over to Genepool in January. Once we have had that meeting we will have a better idea of a release date although we suspect it's likely to be sometime around spring. Any more developments will be posted here as and when. 
Don't forget our re-arranged show in Brizzol on the 17th. It looks as though we will be playing this one as a three piece again. Hopefully we will have some news on Ed's successor in the not too distant. 
Stay well one and all! 

28.11.2005: Bristol

Ok, the date for the re-arranged Bristol show is now Saturday 17th December. It's at the Junction, full address details of which will appear as soon as we have them. The one other confirmed band at present is 'Perhaps Contraption'.
We should also have some album news in the next few days. Try not to faint!
Stay well people.

11.11.2005: Thanks

A huge thank you to everyone who turned out last night! Your support made the evening everything we had hoped it would be. Thanks must also go to both Caretaker and Furious Sleep who played out of their skins. Success was in the air last night with even the Traffic warden getting down on the vibe by promptly whacking a ticket on the windsceen of our dear Jim! 

09.11.2005: Best show in London

Tomorrow evening (10th Nov) sees us play in what will be London towns finest aural entertainment (trust us we have checked the listings!). The night will start with a cheeky 30 min set from ourselves to warm you all up, quickly followed by the utterly superb 'Furious Sleep' from Cambridge. The evening will be headlined by 'Caretaker' who some of you may recognise from the Fierce Panda family and who deserve a far bigger stage than is being provided. We guarantee these bands are easily two of the best in the UK today, and a quick check of the Drowned in Sound website where you can see reviews, sounclips and links should be enough to lure you away from Eastenders. 
We have put our time and money into arranging this show in order to highlight some of the very best we have encountered on our travels. Far too many gigs are spoiled by poor matching of bands and indeed poor bands. Your ongoing support is very much appreciated and we believe it will be rewarded in part, when you witness this show.
See you tomorrow!

08.11.2005: Band announcement...

Well it's been a period of much activity since the last update! In the last two weeks we have canceled a show (something we have never done before), finally finished the mixing of the album with mastering being done at this very moment and sadly we have to announce that Ed has decided to move to pastures new. Ed played an important part in the bands development over the last 3 years and we wish him all the very best in whatever he now turns his hand/hands to.
For the immediate future, including the show this Thursday, we plan to soldier on as a three piece with the success/failure determining whether or not we put the feelers out for a second guitarist.

02.11.2005: Late cancellation

Please note that due to 2 cases of band illness we have been forced to withdraw from this evenings show with Rebus in Bristol. We have been very much looking forward to playing this part of the country and tonights show was poised to be a cracker. All being well however, we will re-schedule another gig in the not too distant. Anyone who was planning to come along and see us and is now left twiddling their thumbs, drop us an e-mail and we will see if we can make it up to you.
Two final points of note. Firstly, people who find themselves in possesion of a cold of some sort should remember that failing to cover their gob when sneezing and coughing is 'bad manners'!
Secondly, on 10th November we play a show with a band coming down from Cambridge and another coming up from Winchester. As we are the local band we consider it only fair that we provide the drum kit under such circumstances. We call it 'good manners'.
Once again, to all who have been inconvenienced by us this evening, please accept our apologies.

27.10.2005: Bristol venue change

Good Autumn to you all! The winter months are here again and with them come the shows. The first is at Bristol with Rebus and there have been two changes to that particular gig. Firstly, the venue has moved from the Croft to the Junction. We understand it's on the same street (200 yards away) so not much of an issue. The other change is that Amora Ploy have pulled out so it may end up being just Rebus and ourselves. 
For those of you who decide a trip to the West Country after work on a Wednesday is a little too dedicated, then remember we have a show we are putting together with two of our favourites on Thursday 10th November in Kingston. We will do a mailout before but if you have time, check out their sites via our links if you are not familiar. This one will be a treat!
Stay well people and see you all soon.

14.09.2005: Another Show

We've lined up a blinder here! On November the 10th at Kingstons Fighting Cocks you can catch us followed by The Furious Sleep and then Caretaker. It's our first foray into doing a DIY show and it gives us the chance to introduce the locals to some of the great and good we have had the pleasure of playing alongside on our travels. More on this and the bands closer the time but for now you can check out the respective websites by following the links. 

09.09.2005: Site Updates + Show Added

Over the course of the next week or so we will be updating the 'Pics' page of the site which in turn offers you lucky people the chance to view our wretched features from a host of different viewpoints! The page hasn't been touched since the site went live and we thought it about time. Any insults you feel compelled to vent can be directed to us via our 'My Space' page!!!
We have also confirmed a show in Bristol for the 2nd November. A long way off, and there will most likely be others beforehand, however, we like to keep you posted.
Stay well people!

03.09.2005: Post Margate

Welcome to those who find themselves here after last nights show. From our point of view what at first appeared as a disaster waiting to happen soon turned out to be a great night. For those who hadn't seen us before, we are in actual fact a four piece! Ed was unfortunately taken ill early in the day and with one band already pulling out we were left with no option but to carry on regardless. We had not played those songs as a three piece ever and had no time to see how they would stand up. As it turned out, with just one guitar, they came across with an arrogant repetition that highlighted the druggy sounding krautrock spine that lurks in the background of our sound. Although happy with how it turned out, it's not something we wish to undertake again if we can help it and no doubt by the next outing Eddy boy will be back again fighting fit.
Anyway, thanks to those who showed their support last night. We shall return in the future (with Ed in tow). Those who put their real email on the list, rather than some of the truly outrageous filth that provided a few chuckles on the jorney home, will recieve an update in the not to distant.
Positive 'vibes' for the boy Ed people!
See you all soon.

31.08.2005: Margate details

Just a quick reminder about this coming Friday (2nd Sept) when we take a trip to the coast with a show at Margate Lido of all places! Unfortunately we haven't been provided with details of who we will be playing alongside but we do know the doors are at 7.30.
Address details are on the shows page and with good weather forcast we look forward to seeing some of you there.

19.08.2005: Thanks & Daaan ta Margit

A huge thank you to both Claire and Paul aka A Badge of Friendship for the superb evening they put together on Tuesday! A fine evening of top music and entertainment in an unusually comfortable environment that will doubtless gather pace quickly. Those of you interested in Photography may be interested in Paul's exhibition at the Foundry on Great Eastern St.,  details of which can be found at:

We can also confirm a gig at the seaside for 2nd September when we take a trip to Margate! What's more it's on a Friday! We don't yet have the line up but when we do we will post them alongside the usual reminder. Address details are on the shows page.

Thanks to those who made it along on Tuesday. It was nice seeing you all again after such a long time. Your ongoing support is much appreciated!

10.08.2005: Reminder

Just to refresh the memory, we are playing our first show in 'donkeys' this coming Tuesday at the Vibe Bar on Brick Lane. Remember it's Free entry to see three bands with a DJ set by A Badge of Friendship!
We are also in the process of arranging a show in Margate for the end of the month, the exact date of which will be posted up here as soon as agreed. As we go into Autumn we are looking at getting back out there with a number of shows around the country. It's been a while but the album work is pretty much complete and now is the time to focus on shows and get out and meet up with you all again.
Thanks for your patience people, we look forward to seeing you all soon.

06.07.2005: Gig update

Ok, that was quicker than expected!
We will be playing the opening of a new gig night at Brick Lanes VIBE BAR curated by 'A BADGE OF FRIENDSHIP'. They will be providing DJ sets for the evening and we will be playing alongside the utterly superb 'PAPER CUTS' and 'HANDS on HEADS'. It's FREE entry with doors @ 7.30. Full address details are on the shows page. Hope to see you there (It's been a while!).

05.07.2005: Tail between legs...

Huge apologies for the offensive lack of updates! In truth, there has been very little that can be regarded as news worthy in OUS world of late although we appreciate that is no excuse for a month or so of blank page! Things have been busy in preperation for the album release which we are pretty confident will be at the tail end of summer. We are down to final tweeks as far as mixing is concerned and have been busy compiling various lists and battle plans etc. We have also been putting our name out there on the plethora of band sites over the web so if you come across us be sure to give a generous rating!!! We have created a My Space page aswell so if you want to be a friend on the site then please feel free to add us.
On the live front, we may have a London show in the pipeline for August.  We will have it confirmed in the next day or so so please check back for an update.
As a final word, thanks to those of you who have been checking back regularly and sorry for being so slack. There are busy times ahead and the chances of the site being neglected like this again are nil!

13.05.2005: Review

We have been a bit slow on the uptake here people but Drowned in Sound have been very kind to us in their review of the recent show we played alongside Furious Sleep in Cambridge. Anyone who is interested can read it by using the following link.

24.04.2005: Post

A fine day was had in Cambridge. Lots of happy people walking the streets! Maybe it's just that we are all used to the mean streets of London who knows? Jim managed however, to reverse into one of the gullies at the side of the road and only the intervention of a local and the use of a nearby paving slab prevented something of a disaster! The gig went smoothly with a good turnout and it was a pleasure to be working alongside the superb Furious Sleep once again. A good number of people popped their name on our mailing list, however, unfortunatly someone managed to empty a whole pint of lager over the list rendering it unreadable. If you happen to be one of those who added their name then can we ask you to do so again using the website. We don't want you thinking we don't care! Anyway, thanks to those of you who we met last night and a parting word of advice. Anyone joining the A406 from the M11 should be made aware of a seriously cheeky camera a few yards after it turns to 50mph which has just provided Jim & Nick with 3 points each! Take care friends!

20.04.2005: Cambridge

Ok, gig time again! It's been a while but we are looking on it as the calm before the storm, as when the Album is out we will have a large number of shows to crack on with. Anyway, the gig is with the magnificent FURIOUS SLEEP at Cambridge's Portland Arms, the full address details of which are on the shows section of the site. It's Saturday 23rd of April with doors @ 7.00pm although the pub is open all day. Of the 3 bands on the night we are on second which means we will go on around the 8.30 mark and such is our enthusiasm for this show, Nick is missing a very important home game against Huddersfield! So, if you have nothing more pressing to do with your weekend, join us up in Cambridge for an afternoon of punting and an evening of fine guitar music at volume. Take care all and see you soon.

20.02.2005: Latest

Welcome to those of you who have tracked us down after the show with GVsB. You will have witnessed a very slimmed down set which according to our watches clocked in at around 23 minutes! A great night was had (by us at least) and we hope to do a follow up in the near future. Thanks to those of you who approached us after the gig and a big thank you to our regulars who turned out in force! Next penciled in show sees us up in Cambridge with Furious Sleep but we will almost certainly be out and about before then. Take care and see you again soon!

04.02.2005: Out of First Gear!

Finally some OUS movement for 2005! It has taken until February but sometimes that's the way it works out. Firstly however, some news on the album. The computer that currently holds all of the work recently suffered what can only be described as sudden death. To cut a hideous and long story short, the motherboard rolled over onto its back and stuck its legs in the air. The work is still there but we have suffered a setback and all should be back on track next week. On the live front we will be opening for Girls Against Boys on their only UK date at the Camden Underworld on Wednesday 16th Feb. Short notice we know, however this will be a cracking show and we urge you to attend. We also have one lined up for April with Furious Sleep up in Cambridge, more details of which will be posted nearer the time. That's it for now on the news front. Album progress and title confirmation will of course be posted as soon as. Take care people and hopefully see some of you on the 16th. 

11.01.2005: New Year

Happy new year friends! We trust all are feeling normal again! Just a quick one to update you on a couple of things. Firstly we expect mixing to be completed by the end of January. We have failed to be right in all of our predictions on this matter so far, however, on this ocasion we are feeling quietly confident! We have also agreed a show with the Furious Sleep for an as yet unknown date in March. It will be at Cambridge City Football Club, not to be confused with Cambridge United Football Club! As soon as the date is confirmed it will be posted up here. In the meantime, Furious Sleep can be checked out atwww.furioussleep.com and no-one in their right mind can fail to be impressed with this bands work, so get on over there! Stay well people and see you all soon.

21.12.2004: The year closes

A warm welcome to those of you who find yourselves here after our show at Oxfords Wheatsheaf on Friday! It goes down as one of the most satisfying and enjoyable shows in memory. Excellent bands, attentive, sizeable and friendly crowd and a promoter and soundman who like their jobs and know what they are doing!  All being well we shall be returning around the time of the album launch. Talking of which, the mixing process has highlighted just how perfectionist we all are. What we thought would take in the region of around 4 weeks is now begining to drag. We have 4 tracks ready for mastering and once Christmas is behind us the rest will follow hopefully in quick succession. Have a fine Christmas and New Year people and see you all next month!

23.11.2004: Gig Confirmed

Finally we have a show lined up! Friday 17th December at the Wheatsheaf, 129 High Street, Oxford. Doors open at 7.30 and it will set you back £5. We will be providing support to the superb Caretaker who can be checked out via our links page. Album wise we are still going through the mixing process and any developments will of course be posted as soon as. Hopefully see some of you at the gig. Take care one and all!

23.10.2004: Progress report

The recording has been completed and was thankfully kept to schedule. It's currently going through the pre mix and tidy up before we all go in and finalise the mix proper. There may be a slight delay in release to perhaps mid February due to us being perfectionists, however we are hoping this will not be the case. The Camden show penciled in for the end of November has now been cancelled due to a commitments mix up but we will be arranging some stuff in the not too distant. Thanks to those of you who have been mailing us asking about our next shows. Your support is much appreciated and we can assure you there will be ample notice via both e-mail and here when we agree them. Stay well people and see you all soon!

27.09.2004: Album Progress

We have just completed our second weeks recording and progress is as expected. One more week and we then begin the mixing process. It looks like release will now be at the end of January 2005 due to record company know how. Who are we to argue?! Shows wise we have one booked for the end of November at Camden's Dublin Castle, however, once work on the album tails off we will be looking to add plenty more and get back out there. See you all again soon!

09.09.2004: Update

Post Cheltenham Festival sees three of the 4 city boys return with their spines 'as was' from an evenings camping! Nick on the other hand is still walking with a bit of a twitch after a night in the crisp Gloustershire air! Still, onward and upward! September 18th we begin recording our debut album. We will be working with the same people who recorded 'Lowry' and expect release to be mid to late November. Updates on the progress will be posted as and when. Thanks to those we met at Greenbelt. Keep your eyes on our shows page and hopefully we will see some of you again in the not too distant.

20.08.2004: Morning after

Thank you to those who made it down to our show in Colchester last night, and special thanks to those who travelled down from Ipswich! Once again top marks to the venue for another evening of fine well matched music. We have already had a review for the show put on Drowned in Sound and as I don't currently have access to the Press section of the site, we have included it here in it's entirety.

A short interval and on come London lads One Unique Signal. Anyone who knows me also knows that I adore these guys (see my single review), and so I get into a position where I am going to see everything, a task that's far from difficult for two reasons: firstly, everyone is stood slightly back from the stage with the exception of about seven people; and secondly, because the band's lack of stage dynamics is glaringly obvious. Opening up with the cracking track 'Lowry', things could not be any better. The sound is spot on, the guys are in sync, drummer/singer Lee is obviously up for it and everything seems rosy with the world. Then thing go slightly off course. The rest of the set is filled with new tracks (can't tell you the names of any as the band don't really speak onstage) which showcase a slightly different direction for the band. Gone are the Fugazi-esque bass lines and they have been replaced by hooks that sound lifted from The Killers. This is not necessarily a bad thing and I can't wait to hear their forthcoming album to see how it translates to record but this evening it leaves me feeling a little indifferent. However, I have that gut feeling that the new stuff will grow on me in time.

We think the new stuff will grow on him in time as well!! If anyone wants to check out the new stuff then we have a show in Kingston this evening (Friday).

16.08.2004: Last minute show

In addition to our Colchester show we have just confirmed a hastily arranged gig at Kingstons Fighting Cocks the following day, Friday 20th. We will be appearing with 2 of our personal favourites 'Silent Front' and (as they are known to some) 'The Sounding'. The latter have a habit of changing their name before each gig and as we understand it will on this occasion be known as 'Someone Elses Mind'. As is the norm at this venue it's £4 on the door and said door will open for business at 7.30pm. Hope to see some of you there.

15.08.2004: Colchester

Thursday this week (19th) sees us return to the Colchester Arts Centre where we provide support to 'Cat on Form'. This venue puts on excellent nights with well matched bands and possibly the best crowd we have had the pleasure of playing to. We anticipate a fine evening of honest music and many a Bishops Finger! (Come along to unravel that particular mystery!) Further details of the night can be obtained from both the shows page on this site or by going to the Arts Centre webpage athttp://www.colchesterartscentre.com

23.07.2004: Late addition

We have just confirmed our first headline show in London for quite some time. It's very last minute but promises to be a good night. We play the Pleasure Unit in Bethnal Green on Tuesday 27th July. It's £4 and we go on stage around the 10.30 mark. Full  location details can be found on the gigs page. Hope to see you there! 

14.07.2004: Nottingham update

Due to unforseen circumstances we will no longer be appearing at the Notts show on July 31st. All being well we will schedule another date later in the year.

09.07.2004: Nottingham date

We have just confirmed a show for Saturday 31st July at Junktion 7 in Nottingham. Doors open at 9.00pm and it's £5 on the night or £4 through Ticketweb. Address details etc can be found on the Gigs page.

19.06.2004: New date confirmed

We have just confirmed a show at the superb Colchester Arts Centre as support to Cat on Form. It's on Thursday 19th August with a 8.00pm kick off. This venue has a knack of putting on shows with very like minded acts, so you can always be sure of a fine evenings music for your money. We're looking forward to meeting up with you crazy Ipswich kids again! 

28.05.2004: Festivals

We now have the details of our festival appearances this summer. First up we play Leamington Peace Festival Warwickshire on Saturday 19th June. We are on the Marquee stage at 12.45pm. Following on from that we play Greenbelt 2004 which has just confirmed Lambchop as headliners. We play Saturday 28th, stage 2 at 11.20am. If you need any additional info on these events then either follow the links or drop us a mail at the info address.www.peacefestival.org.uk www.greenbelt.org.uk 

10.05.2004: Leamington Peace Festival

We will be playing this years Leamington Peace festival on Saturday 19th June and should be on stage at around 12.45. Full details of this years line up etc can be found at the following addyhttp://www.peacefestival.org.uk

30.04.2004: Greenbelt Festival

We have just been confirmed in the line up at the annual Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham this summer. It covers the 4 days over August bank holiday. More details as soon as we get them. 

12.04.2004: Brighton, Album, Email...

A good response was had to our show in Brighton on Easter Sunday. Many thanks to those of you we met afterwards, bought singles and added themselves to our ever growing mailing list. It has to go down as one of the best line ups we have been a part of and for that the promoter must be congratulated! Both Charlottefield and JoeyFatare different class and we urge you to make time for them. Go to the links page for info on these beasts.

No new dates to mention at present. We are allowing ourselves a few weeks to focus fully on getting the Album project off the ground.

Some of you may have noticed that despite adding yourselves to the mailing list at gigs, you haven't had any updates. This isn't because we don't love you! More a case of perhaps one drink too many we feel. Handwriting can go out of the window under such circumstances and this obviously results in some incorrect or unreadable addys. If this sounds like you, just add yourself to the list on this site. 

23.03.2004: All sorts

A huge thank you must go out to all the people we met at the gig in Colchester last Thursday (11 th March). The night was one to remember and we look forward to returning in the not too distant future. Thanks for your support!

We have a few gigs lined up over the next few weeks, check out the Shows section for all the bumpf.

Drowned in sound have been very kind to us after seeing us in action last Thursday, adding some MP3s and a cracking review. Check outwww.drownedinsound.com to see what they thought. 

We have been added to this year's line up at the annual ‘Peace Festival' in ‘Royal' Leamington Spa. More details closer the time but we can confirm it is in June! 

A quick point about the singles. If anyone is looking to pick up a copy Genepool can mail them out much quicker than we are able to at the moment. Some people have even reported next day delivery! Failing that you can always pick them up at one of our shows. 

21.01.2004: New gigs

We have a few more gigs lined up, one of which is with The Paperchase on March 11th. Check theShows page for all the details. 

14.01.2004: Welcome to oneuniquesignal.com

Over the following pages we hope you will find everything you need to know about OUS & related items.

It is our aim for one unique signal.com to be it’s own entity. To exist alongside the band and to focus a little more areas of interest within the band not necessarily related to music (photography, design etc). 

Special thanks must go to Khyam and Jason for making this site possible. Despite both having full time bands of their own to run, they have dug deep to get this site up & running. You can check out more of their work through the links section. 

As this is our first attempt at a web site, any feedback is greatly appreciated so please feel free to comment. Thanks for visiting.