11th Sept '08 @ the Miller, SE1 with Jesus Knives / Music of the Primes

Despite the planned 2 Bass show, Jim felt it may be a bit too soon after returning to risk us dying on our arse and therefore we went out as the normal 5 piece. It was however, our last show with Steve on Bass as he now heads off to do a similar favour for Art of Burning Water on their tour with Taint. The ideal is for a show with Jim & Steve in the not too distant.
We're eternally grateful to Steve for his time and effort over the last 10 months. He enabled us to carry on progressing our sound in Jim's absence. As well as playing Bass on the 'Sol' download we did for
Cielo Liquido, we will be putting together a 4 track download of songs written with him to mark out his time with us. More on that nearer the time.
The show also saw out the last of the shows Jesus Knives had booked up prior to Nicks departure. They mixed some superb new stuff in with songs from the set played while Nick was still in the band. You can hear one of those new songs
here. A great band & we can't wait to see where they take their sound now they have time off to write.

Anyway, thanks to those who turned out to see us! Next show is 4th Oct at the Dry Bar EC1
Thanks to
Julie Kane for the above pic.