Thanks to everyone who showed up at the Miller show on the 12th. It was a bad night of the week to stage such a gig but despite this the night was really well attended. Apologies must also be made to any of you who had to truncate your evening due to the overrunning stage times. This was an oversight on our part and we learned a lesson. Anyone who missed The Telescopes may be interested to hear that Bridget Hayden will be returning to the Miller on Friday the 28th November. Details here.
Anyway, thanks to all the bands who performed and made it such a great evening. Hopefully we'll have some good video footage prepared in the not too distant. In the meantime here's some YouTube.
Telescopes - Part 1
Telescopes - Part 2 (Also in high quality)
Aspen Woods - Drones (Also in high quality)
One Unique Signal - Jaded
Center Divider - Nothin' Fancy
Center Divider - Lend Sway
Center Divider - A Plan

Oh, there's also some pics here