Finally it's here, release # four. We usually make hard work of getting new stuff out and this is no exception!
Anyway, here you are, the Villains to a Man E.P. Three tracks clocking in at 33 minutes.

1 - Plasticism
2 - Jaded
3 - Villains

These tracks have made up our set for most of the last 3 or 4 months so should be familiar to those of you who've been to a show. As with previous releases, we worked with Dan DNA from 'GoTAW' and Wayne 'Ternary'. It was recorded at the Bunker Studios, a new place set up in Isleworth Middlesex by them both.
As with the previous stuff we've put up on here, please feel free to share it about.
Hope you like it.

Download - Villains to a Man E.P