August Update

These updates are sporadic to say the least, but rather than a lack of anything to say they are more a result of having too much going on! 
The final mixes and artwork for our new 7' have been sent off to Genepool and will be with us (please god!!!) in time for the European shows at the start of October. Double A side Hey Alchemist! / Neuralgia will be our first 7' release and we are really looking forward to getting it out there. Recordings were once again kept in the family and handled by Dan & Wayne at The Sound Bunker, Isleworth. Four tracks were actually recorded and we have decided to hold the other two back for either the album or for a split single later down the line. 
Shows wise we headline the I Hate The Kids All Dayer at The Victoria in Bow on Sept 3rd, another Telescopes/OUS outing at the Prince Albert in Brighton on the 18th Sept before the shows in France, Switzerland and Italy in October. A few of us will also be hooking up with Stephen Lawrie on a Telescopes set improvised to film at the Pig & Whistle, North Kensington on Fri 16th Sept. This show will be a FREE ENTRY event and you will also be able to catch a very rare performance by Rohame featuring Nick and Byron alongside Jodie Cox (Narrows) and solo artist Anji Cheung. The line-up will be completed on the night by The Cush (Vermont, US) who will be stopping by as part of their European tour. Byron and Nick will also be joining Eat Lights Become Lights for their Cargo show (London) on Sept 27th. This will be one of Eat Lights last UK shows for sometime as they are now based out of LA. Try and make time as this will be special! 
As well as here, you can keep updated on all our happenings by signing up to the mailing list (navigated to via the main menu) or by joining us on our Facebook/Twitter/MySpace etc. Basically, if it's out there then we are probably on it! 
Thanks as always for your ongoing support and if you make a show, ALWAYS come and say hello :)