Dismemberment EP

Ok then, anyone who has found their way here because they know our stuff already will probably have this by now, but for those who have stumbled across us and may be interested in hearing our cacophony, here's our current EP, 'Dismemberment', for free. We have put this up for nowt because it's a good way for people to hear what we have been doing since the line-up changed.

Basically, we have returned to our original intentions, those being to produce music that would sit happily alongside the best noise/drone rock stuff that was knocking around in the mid to late 80's. We never hide the fact that we are heavily influenced by Spacemen 3 and Taste era Telescopes, alongside the much more obvious and more commonly mentioned MBV.

Dismemberment was recorded at a friends studio in Greenwich, South East London for a hundred quid. We self mixed / mastered it and as a result it has a very raw edge. It does however, offer a good indication of the intensity we are looking to achieve, and trust us, the new material will have plenty more of the energy you'll hear on this.

Lastly, if you like what you hear, come to a show.

More when there's more...


Download: Dismemberment EP

[**link updated 2013!**]