Lowry - Debut single

As mentioned before, 'Dismemberment' highlights the progression of our sound since the new line-up has been in place. To those of you unfamiliar with us, this will mean very little and so with that in mind, here's our debut single 'Lowry'.
It was recorded in 2003 and was the 3rd release by the then new 'Genepool Records'. Mainly used to help get our name out there and assist with gigs, it did however, receive some good reviews and find it's way to some shops and online outlets. It also helped to secure a support slot with 'Girls Against Boys' and thereby fulfill an ambition of our then Drummer/Vocalist Lee. We did manage to sell out of it, so that must be a good thing! The B side 'Coins and Cards' also found it's way into an episode on Series 4 of the MTV show 'Dirty Sanchez'. Odd to think of it being played as some geezer gets his nuts nailed to an aeroplane wing or something!
It was recorded at the now sadly closed Riot Club in Hounslow Middx by Wayne (ex of Ursa) and Dan of 'Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom'. Again, we mixed and mastered it ourselves and in terms of production on a budget, it stands up pretty well.

'Coins & Cards' very occasionally find's it's way into our live set nowadays...very very occasionally!

More when there's more...


Download : Lowry