30th May 2008 @ The Grey Horse, KT2. With 'Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom', 'Jesus Knives', 'Ternary'

We had a great time the other night on a line-up consisting of friends bands. We're really fortunate to know some super talented people all doing their own thing and it was a great chance to gather everyone together in the same place and make a fat racket!

Opening the night was 'Ternary' playing their first ever show. Ternary is made up of Wayne who started up 'Ursa' a few years back and who has produced every OUS record so far, Dean who was a founder member of OUS way back when, as well as being Silent Front drummer until recently and Steve (ex Monkey Boy & Mifune) who is helping us out while Jim is away. In our circle of friends they are kind of a 'super band'!
Rather than go down the terrifying route of describing someones sound, pop over here and check out some of their set.
Next up were 'Jesus Knives'. Nick on Guitar/Vox once tried out as our vocalist and although it didn't go anywhere we remained in contact and have played two shows with them in the last year or so. Nick was previously in 'Wino' who had a much more melodic sound than JK and when we first heard the transformation in the songs he was putting together it blew us away. Ben on drums was also in 'Mifune' with Steve. You can hear a song from their set here.

After JK were 'Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom'. Listening to a GotAW record would suggest a sound that would not normally sit snug alongside that of the other noisy lot playing on the bill. The Hip Hop leaning would at first hint at a lazy promoter, however, when you witness them at a show and realise that all the instruments are played out live, you're able to appreciate a dynamic very rarely seen with this kind of music. It fills the room and grabs your attention. OUS are not the most clued up in this field, but rest assured GotAW are doing something special. Dan has, alongside Wayne, helped to record and produce OUS in the past, working on both Lowry and TC&N.Head over here and check out some of their performance.

Last up, here's us doing 'Hackeyed' from the same show...

More when there's more...