Venus in Furs Cover

Ok then, here's another one for anyone who's interested. File this one under 'Rough Demos'!!!
This was thrown together rather quickly as part of a compilation CD organised by Dan of GotAW to mark the closure after 10 years of Riot Club Rehearsal rooms in Hounslow Middx.
Roughly 10 bands got together and each recorded a cover version for it, with us choosing this VU classic.
Be warned, it's not big on production, but this is the very first thing recorded by us with the line up as it is today. We had 3 dodgy mics placed in our Dan's garage to capture the Drums and guide guitars with the rest layered up on the PC very quickly to meet the deadline.
Overall it's pretty ropey, but one of the main reasons for this Blog page is for us to offer up as much stuff as we can to catalogue our progress, be that demo work or the better recorded stuff like the previous two posts.

More when there's more...


Download: Venus in Furs cover