Hello again!
So, next up we have 'Sol', or to give it its full title, 'Solamente Tontos y Caballos'. This was recorded especially for use on a superb Spanish radio show called 'Cielo Liquido'. The show, or rather the host Fernando Perez Herrero, has always been really supportive of our sound giving our music plenty of airtime over the years. When asked if we would like to submit a new and original piece of music for use, we jumped at the chance.
Much like 'Venus in Furs', this was again recorded rather D.I.Y in both Dan's rehearsal room and at home. It shows, so don't judge us too harshly! Included in this download are 3 separate mixes Original mix (despite being called the full version this is a pretty early draft and doesn't stand up too well against the others), edit and radio edit).
As for Cielo Liquido, head over here and check out the programme. You can either stream it live or download podcasts of previous shows and we can guarantee you will hear something new and engaging on each and every one.

More when there's more...


Download: Sol