Vinyl Release

Hello friends! A quick heads up to let you know that on March 28th, our good chums @ Genepool records will be releasing a ltd Vinyl only release documenting our tour with The Telescopes last year. The Telescopes: Live. Aftertaste (Heavy Vinyl) Side one: There is no floor Sadness pale Threadbare Violence Side two: Please, before you go Suicide A livid document. Recorded in pastpresentfuture tense. In 2010, highly influential/ inspirational noise/psych revolutionaries The Telescopes gave a rare and memorable glimpse of their classic debut 'Taste'. Which stormed the independent charts over twenty years ago, sending waves beyond the realm of natural vision that resonate still. This will be the first release on the new 'Static Charge' imprint (STATIC1). Despite the March release date, this will be available globally and therefore pre order is strongly advised! Follow the link here to make sure you don't miss out...http://www.thegenepool.co.uk/items/659.htm

We have very little coming up shows wise over the coming month but a number of things happening in April. Head over to the shows page for details.

More when there's more :)