Gig Debrief - End of Radio 20th May 2011

Gig 107(ish)
20th May 2011
Unicorn, Camden
End of Radio
w/ Overhead the Albatross / Orders of the British Empire / Rumour Cubes
Made a stop off on way to the venue to buy wine, sidestepped 2 bottles for a fiver, just. I ate 2 bananas, JM ate a tomato. Arrive to about 31 people on stage, DI boxes flying everywhere, violins (yes plural) seem to be falling from the skies, massive selection of huge sexy amps, good feeling about the night.
Rumour Cubes were owners of violins. I like violins. Their violins were good violins. If I played violin I think I’d be in a band like Rumour Cubes, or just playing for pennies and cider on the seafront at Swanage. Their music was both sad and grand, like a gothic church losing its battle with gravity before being turned into luxury flats.
Orders of the British Empire owned the smashing amps. If I were to make a celebratory Keep fit DVD I’d ask OBE to soundtrack it, and be my ‘keep fit instructor to the stars type’, I wouldn’t make them wear lycra though, no one likes wearing lycra, I’d probably wear lycra. Amazing energy, massive music, smart, complex but hooky like watching one of those people that can do a Rubiks cube really fast.
Overhead the Albatross were on tour. Their songs were like the whoosh of warm air you get when you walk into a shop on a bitter winters day. If I were the ruler of a country I think I’d ask OTA to write my national anthem, one that contained no words just lots of yelling, like they did in their last song, I like it when a band yells together, maybe one day we’ll yell together, but not for anyone else, just for us.
Our setlist was; Neuralgia, Gora, Alchemist, Riggs Cutter, Jaded, Dismemberment. We started off a little sketchy, but got better; the new songs are feeling like not new songs, we pulled Jaded off particularly well (been a long time since we played it out) lots of friends turned up, people were very kind. I drank the last of the coffee from my thermos (I was desi) Lynch called me a cunt, I like that our friends can call us cunts, like yelling it brings people closer together.
Really very large thank you to End of Radio. Great lads putting on consistently excellent shows at the Unicorn, top sound engineer to boot, also the CDs they had feature a sublime selection of bands, more about EoR here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=207381714019&v=info
Next up Recording at The Sound Bunker, then it’s off to Tenerife to play at the Proximos festival
Keep on Keeping on.